Thoughts on Thesis —

This project acted as a brainstorm for my eventual BFA Thesis project and book. This book served as a way for me to start collecting my ideas and begin to develop a visual system, some aspects of which ended up in my final thesis book. The book has 3 sections; written responses to design content that I’ve consumed, a lexicon of design words relating to my own practice, as well as past projects and ideas for new projects. I tend to gravitate towards reds and pinks, so to venture out of my comfort zone I printed only on green paper.

For the supplemental video, I poked fun at myself by acknowledging the vanity of doing so many projects on my own nails. Spreads from my Thoughts on Thesis book hover over a time lapse of me lining up all of the fake nails that I have worn and saved, in rainbow order. These are the nails that line the spine-edge of each page.