MCGARRY&sons - 

The Mcgarrys’ brought me on to the team as a graphic design intern with the main purpose of assisting them with a massive rebrand of women’s basketball shoe brand, Moolah Kicks. Over the three month period of my internship, I assisted their graphic design team with numerous mock-ups, animations, and pitch-decks, as well as offered feedback and perspective on colors and design elements for the rebrand. The result was a compelling visual identity that is set to launch in 2025. 

Aside from the yet-to-be released work with Moolah that I’m unable to show, I assisted the Mcgarrys’ with content created for the studio. This included instagram strategy, content, as well as event promotion content. I consider my time with the Mcgarrys invaluable. I was able to work closely with the CEO and founders, as well as see first hand from their talented product designer the life cycle of apparel design, from conception, to tech-packs, to samples. 


Examples of collateral created for the MCGARRY&sons instagram and events.