Moolah Kicks —

As part of the MCGARRY&Sons graphic design internship application process, I was asked to look at their client, Moolah Kick’s existing graphic design work with a critical eye and re-imagine what it could look like. My research includes looking into the brand’s founder, values, and product, as well as the graphic design of its competitors. I decided to re-design the promotional material they had created for their launch of the Neovolt Pro Storm pack as the design felt static and sterile and ultimately fell flat.


Moolah’s existing material that I chose to re-design. 

Brainstorm —

For my re-design I was inspired by heatmap of a foot the bottom of the shoe and researched heatmaps of shots taken on a basketball court. 

Moodboard I created before starting my design process

My Designs —

From there, I pulled colors from the shoes themselves to create 2 social posts, a poster that would exist in print
in Dick’s Sporting Goods and a digital advertising banner.