Sight of Sound —
The song Suddenly I See by Kt Tunstall as well as the word “joy” was used as inspiration for a risograph animation, a set of posters, a set of postcards and a zine. My animation is fluid and soft to portray the way joy has the ability to bleed into every aspect of our lives while also being fleeting and sometimes elusive. I limited myself to 2 colors on the riso and utilized the opacities of the yellow and pink to create a third color, orange. I used frames from the animation for my postcards and posters. For the zines I printed on the backs of my riso animation masters.

The animation created by printing 16 sheets of paper with 16 frames of the animation on each. After printing out these sheets, I scanned them and cut out each frame on photoshop, before importing them into aftereffects for the final video.

A set of 3 posters, also made on the riso, to supplement the animation.

For the zine I used the same color palette but added in the color red. I spent so much time in the riso room printing this project, I was inspired to use images of the very printer that determined the success of this project.

Zines and postcards on display in an exhibition.

Riso sheets depicting each frame of the animation. I created 16 unique sheets with 16 frames on each.